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Managing Performance Anxiety: What is it? How do we face it?

All singers face performance anxiety at some point in their vocal journey. In this article, Abby breaks down what performance anxiety is and…

How to Practice Singing Part IV: Creating a Practice Habit that Sticks!

In part IV of the "How To Practice Singing" series, Zac discusses practical ways of creating practice habits for singing that promote consistency…

Building Resilience: Sticking with Singing Even When It’s Hard

In this article, Tim Rosser explores some principles he finds useful for practicing singing that may help us all overcome a "rut" in our…

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Going Deeper: Vocal Technique & The Soul

As one of my first voice teachers used to say, "The study of voice is the study of one's self..."

Building Resilience: Sticking with Singing Even When It’s Hard

In this article, we will explore some principles I find useful for practicing singing that may help us overcome a "rut" in our progression toward vocal growth. Practicing singing can at times feel impossible, but a shift in mindset can potentially change that feeling.

Preparing For Your Best Audition: An Actor’s Checklist

Auditioning. The word strikes fear in every actor, seasoned and amateur alike. However, this doesn't have to be the case!

Ego Reads. Humility breeds.

In my absence from chronicling my thoughts from a music director/coach perspective, I have seen some brilliant performances that have given me pause; performances that made me stop and think, “How is something so...

How To Practice Singing Part III: Identity-Based Habits

This is part III of my series "How To Practice Singing", where I take a deep dive into the fundamentals of building habits for singing, drawing inspiration from works by James Clear ("Atomic Habits"), Simon Sinek, and more.

New Year's Resolution Ideas for Singers: Creating Singing Goals

How do you create singing goals that are measurable and helpful for improvement? As we think about our New Year Resolutions, I will guide you through 6 measurable singing goals you can make for vocal growth!

Singing With Pure EEase

It’s time we had a talk about EE. Though it takes second place in the accepted listing of vowels, we use the EE to form the diphthongs of fourteen letters of our alphabet, making it one of the most...

Voice Lessons: Take the Chance! - "Gaining Confidence"

Have you always wondered what it’s like to take a singing lesson? Have your nerves held you back from booking a session?

Inside the Studio: A Lesson with Andy King

A handful of months ago I started teaching a 20-something student...