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How to Practice Singing Part IV: Creating a Practice Habit that Sticks!

In part IV of the "How To Practice Singing" series, Zac discusses practical ways of creating practice habits for singing that promote consistency…

Building Resilience: Sticking with Singing Even When It’s Hard

In this article, Tim Rosser explores some principles he finds useful for practicing singing that may help us all overcome a "rut" in our…

NYVC Singer Spotlight: Nodar Khurtsosov

NYVC Voice Teacher Abby Payne has a conversation with frontman of Fellahin Fall/NYVC student Nodar Khurtsosov.

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Ego Reads. Humility breeds.

In my absence from chronicling my thoughts from a music director/coach perspective, I have seen some brilliant performances that have given me pause; performances that made me stop and think, “How is something so...

WordWaves: The Language of Music

How can so many rigid disciplines be compacted into one entity that ultimately works to free our spirits?

A Practical Guide to Auditioning: Theatre Actor's Edition Pt. I

Where do you find out about auditions? What auditions should you go to? What should you expect when going to an audition? I will guide you through everything you need to know about auditioning as a theatre actor in 2023 in Part I of this series.

Going Deeper: Vocal Technique & The Soul

As one of my first voice teachers used to say, "The study of voice is the study of one's self..."

How to Get a Gig: A Beginner's Guide

Your voice lessons are going great, you sound fantastic and are ready to take things to the next level. What’s the process?

Building Resilience: Sticking with Singing Even When It’s Hard

In this article, we will explore some principles I find useful for practicing singing that may help us overcome a "rut" in our progression toward vocal growth. Practicing singing can at times feel impossible, but a shift in mindset can potentially change that feeling.

How to Get a Gig Part II: Finding the Right Venue

In part two of my series on How to Get a Gig, let’s explore the process of finding a perfect venue for you to perform at.

Understanding Resonance: A Practical Guide

In singing, the ability to control one’s resonance is one of the most important fundamental building blocks to a healthy singing voice. Let's find out why!

Open Mic Nights in NYC: Resource Guide

Wondering where to get started as an artist in NYC? Open mic nights might give you the start that you need. In this resource guide, I will discuss the value of performing and attending open mic nights and an exhaustive list of open mic nights in NYC that you can go to today!