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Vocal Articles from New York Vocal Coaching brings you information and tips on singing, performing, auditioning, and more, all from our world-renowned staff in New York City.

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How To Practice Singing Part V: Make Practice Habits Attractive!

In Part V of the How To Practice Singing series, Zac Bradford uses inspiration from James Clear to explore the idea of making practice habits…

Do Singing Lessons Work?

In this article, NYVC Vocal Coach Tim Rosser talks about how taking singing lessons positively impacted his journey as a singer and gives some…

A Practical Guide to Auditioning Pt. II: Building an Audition Book

In part II of "A Practical Guide to Auditioning", Bryan discusses the process of building an audition book for musical theatre auditions and gives…

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NYVC Singer Spotlight: Nodar Khurtsosov

In this article, I speak with frontman of the gothic-industrial metal band Fellahin Fall and NYVC student Nodar Khurtsosov about his experience taking voice lessons.

Vocal Inconsistency - Not to Worry!

When your voice starts to sound and feel strange, it can be pretty scary. It can make you feel like you're not a good singer anymore and can cause you to doubt yourself. Sometimes, we try to save our voice by not using it, but that can actually make things worse...

New Year's Resolution Ideas for Singers: Creating Singing Goals

How do you create singing goals that are measurable and helpful for improvement? As we think about our New Year Resolutions, I will guide you through 6 measurable singing goals you can make for vocal growth!

BroadwayWorld adds "Sing Like Never Before" to Fall Reading List

Justin Stoney and Mark Pate, author and illustrator of Sing Like Never Before, join theatre artists Jame Lapine, Cynthia Erivo, Sutton Foster, Billy Porter, Sarah Ruhl, and Mel Brooks in BroadwayWorld's...

How To Practice Singing Part III: Identity-Based Habits

This is part III of my series "How To Practice Singing", where I take a deep dive into the fundamentals of building habits for singing, drawing inspiration from works by James Clear ("Atomic Habits"), Simon Sinek, and more.

Jéssica Amicucci of The Voice Argentina: A Conversation in Hope

So many incredible talents walk through the doors of New York Vocal Coaching. They go on to great success in musical performance, business, and instruction of their own. One such success story is graduate of the Voice Teacher Training Course and contestant on The Voice Argentina, Jessica Maison.
But more than the success, Jessica has discovered the true meaning of her art. We hope that through her encouraging words, our readers can find the same glorious purpose!

How to Practice Singing Part IV: Creating a Practice Habit that Sticks!

In part IV of the "How To Practice Singing" series, I discuss practical ways of creating practice habits for singing that promote consistency by applying the four laws for behavior change to our work.

LaShella Sanders

LaShella Sanders, born and raised in Dallas, TX, is the founder of Ignite Vocal Studio™, a certified voice teacher, an audio engineer, and an independent recording artist. Read more about LaShella here!

Going Deeper: Vocal Technique & The Soul

As one of my first voice teachers used to say, "The study of voice is the study of one's self..."