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Vocal Articles from New York Vocal Coaching brings you information and tips on singing, performing, auditioning, and more, all from our world-renowned staff in New York City.

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How to Get a Gig Part II: Finding the Right Venue

In part two of Abby's series on How to Get a Gig, we explore the process of finding a perfect venue for artists to perform at.

Understanding Resonance: A Practical Guide

In singing, the ability to control one’s resonance is one of the most important fundamental building blocks to a healthy singing voice. In this…

How to Get a Gig: A Beginner's Guide

So, your voice lessons are going great, you sound fantastic and are ready to take things to the next level by singing on a stage for a real…

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WordWaves: The Language of Music

How can so many rigid disciplines be compacted into one entity that ultimately works to free our spirits?

Ego Reads. Humility breeds.

In my absence from chronicling my thoughts from a music director/coach perspective, I have seen some brilliant performances that have given me pause; performances that made me stop and think, “How is something so...

Voice Lessons: Take the Chance! - "Gaining Confidence"

Have you always wondered what it’s like to take a singing lesson? Have your nerves held you back from booking a session?

Inside the Studio: A Lesson with Andy King

A handful of months ago I started teaching a 20-something student...

Going Deeper: Vocal Technique & The Soul

As one of my first voice teachers used to say, "The study of voice is the study of one's self..."

How to Get a Gig: A Beginner's Guide

Your voice lessons are going great, you sound fantastic and are ready to take things to the next level. What’s the process?

Jéssica Amicucci of The Voice Argentina: A Conversation in Hope

So many incredible talents walk through the doors of New York Vocal Coaching. They go on to great success in musical performance, business, and instruction of their own. One such success story is graduate of the Voice Teacher Training Course and contestant on The Voice Argentina, Jessica Maison.
But more than the success, Jessica has discovered the true meaning of her art. We hope that through her encouraging words, our readers can find the same glorious purpose!

Body Mapping for Singers

An overview of the systems in the body that contribute to vocal sound!

Preparing For Your Best Audition: An Actor’s Checklist

Auditioning. The word strikes fear in every actor, seasoned and amateur alike. However, this doesn't have to be the case!